Leadership through Service at the Senior School

The Senior School students have been busy this term, engaged in a variety of service projects in the local community. Students from Year 9 to Year 11 have been visiting Greenpark Primary and Nursery Schools located near St Andrew’s School, Turi. Green park was set up to provide education to children of families that were displaced during the election crisis a few years ago. Our students and staff have been helping to raise funds to build a new classroom and pay school fees for the disadvantaged children of Green Park.

As part of the Senior School’s Service Programme, students also regularly visit other charity projects in the area including  Molo Children’s Project, Chazon Secondary School, Turi Children’s Project and the Turi Pre-Primary (Workforce Nursery). These visits are primarily focused on improving literacy through the use of fun and educational activities such as story books and games. The youngsters at the Turi Pre-Primary particularly enjoy ‘Duck Duck Goose’, a game of chase and surprise.
Our older students in Year 12 plan and organise the activities involved. This allows them to hone their leadership and organizational skills. Recently, they sold thousands of roses for Valentines Day, to raise funds for ‘Live in Love’ , the Senior School charity which supports many of these local projects. The proceeds will help disadvantaged local children, by paying their school fees.