Senior School Music on a High Note

Music at the Senior School is undergoing a reawakening. The key drivers of this process have evidently been the younger students.  From an academic point of view, major emphasis was put on reordering the year 9 curriculum to focus on Music literacy through re-examining the fundamentals of music notation in the conventional Western tradition. The specific aim was to lay a solid and common foundation across the entire student body, both new comers and those with a longer Turi pedigree. The outcome of this has largely been successful and is evidenced by the ensemble of both the choir and orchestra, being made up largely of year 9 and 10 students.

Contemporary music continues to thrive.  Christian Union, chapel services and praise teams are all benefitting from a whole wealth of fresh knowledge injected by Mr Russell.  The key highlight of this style of music was seen in the synergy of the band during this year’s musical production – Grease. The versatility of Simon Onyango and Ibrahim Saazi on bass guitar and percussion respectively, all in harmony with the support of Mr Schamells, Mr Russell , Mr Beasley and Mr Luvai set an unprecedented bench mark of contemporary live music here at Turi.

We hope that with the successes gained so far in the past orchestral weekends, the carol service and  the musical production, the culture will continue to transform itself positively to the greater glory of God. [Psalm 115:1]