Life at Senior Girls

Senior Girls is as vibrant as ever. We are very proud of the conduct of the girls who went on the Ski and South Africa Tours. The accompanying staff members on the trips could not stop talking about the good behaviour of the girls, displaying the Seven Leadership Principles we have been working on this year.

New to Senior Girls is the use of our back lawn at night, during Evening Activities, since the installation of a flood light. The girls have been enjoying their Informal Netball Games and Story Telling Sessions under the stars.

Bible study continues to be a central part of our everyday living. Our Year 8s have completed a three step series on keeping themselves pure and looking at relationships from a Godly point of view i.e sexual morality and keeping ourselves pure for Christ. They now understand, from a Christian perspective, what is expected of them when it comes to appropriate relationships, as well as potential risks and negative long term effects of deviating from their principles.

The series took place over several weeks. We aimed to equip the girls with the tools to deal with this kind of issue in three steps:

 1. Getting an accountability partner who will keep them in check and ensure that they do not stumble.

 2. “Cutting off connections” – a euphemism for letting go of those areas in our lives that could cause us to stumble e.g social media, negative peer influence, certain television programmes

 3. Learning Counter Verses – using scripture as a tool to counter temptation… modeled by our very own Saviour in the desert when He was tempted.


We believe that many have taken this to heart and that it will help them make sound choices in the future.