Senior Girls Vibrant as Ever!

Senior Girls has never been as vibrant as it is this term. Perhaps it is because we have had an influx of very lively Year 7 pupils. It could also be because the Year 8 pupils this year, have happily taken on the role of “Big Sister” to welcome the Year 7s and make them feel right at home.

What has stood out for us as Houseparents more than anything, is how the girls worked together, showing leadership and foresight to acquire their new 60’’ LG Utlra High Definition Smart TV. A series of good decisions were made leading up to this purchase which showed us that the leadership programme that is offered in the school does indeed impact positively on the girls. They chose to save money from the Senior Girls budget by eating the healthier option of pop-corn for ‘dorm of the week’ rather than krackles and soda or juice for the rest of the year.
In addition to this, the girls decided to cancel their DSTV subscription for a much cheaper yet more relevant Netflix Kids subscription. Netflix Kids filters out any unsuitable content. It also allows one to pause programmes for later viewing. The girls still have the option to renew their DSTV subscription again next year should they wish, all on Ultra High Definition.
Mr Luvai
Senior Girls House Parent