Science at Prep School

Scientists pretty much never miss employment, but they have to be good at almost everything from numeracy to literacy, from recall to creativity, from the abstract to the physical. Through the year, the pupils have worked hard to learn facts and have been challenged to apply them in theory and practice.

In February, a travelling planetarium visited the school and for a day, and a night, pupils were immersed in an exploration of space using virtual reality goggles, an inflatable planetarium and a number of telescopes. Perhaps, one of the over 200 pupils to experience the event has been inspired to lead their country into the ‘final frontier’ during the coming decades.

In recognition of the importance of Science, new resources have been purchased and a major refurbishment of Science Lab 1 has been proposed for the coming year. Pupils have been surveyed and, where possible, their opinions will be incorporated in the design.

After the end of year assessments, the Year 7 pupils had a taste of research science through extended investigations under titles as diverse as ‘What Factors Affect The Range Of A Paper Pellet’ and ‘How To Stop Bread Going Mouldy’. The projects covered two weeks of lessons and prep with the best three groups getting a trip to Nairobi to attend the Annual Braeburn Science Fayre.