Round Square Regional Conference #ourturn2host

A record 18 schools have confirmed participation for the above conference. There is certainly a mixture of apprehension and excitement in the air as we look to welcome our visitors who will be arriving on Sunday 12th February 2017. Together with the Turi delegation they will experience adventure activities like Mountain Biking, Archery led by our very own flag bearer at the Rio Olympics, Shezanah Anwar and raft building on our reservoir. Delegates will also get to ride mountain bikes around the vast school campus.

Exciting key note speakers that already lined up. They range from an investigative journalist to a photographer who uses photography of urban spaces in Africa, to change people’s mind sets. The campaign is called ‘I’m a City Changer’. The delegates will also have the opportunity to meet former Olympians who are giving back to the society in many inspirational ways. Finally in line with our theme, Mtu ni watu / No man is an Island, the delegates will spend some time doing community service, outside the Turi School gates and engaging with local people.

Please remember to continue helping raise funds through the Mpesa Account and by now your child should have told you what role they are going to play in the conference. Make sure you have read the letter in the parent portal as they need to provide some information when the School early in the Easter term.

Finally a huge thank you to those parents (Mrs Mamicha, Mr & Mrs Nyangaya, Mr Macharia Njeru, Mr David Owino and Mr Stanley Kinyanjui) who formed a whatsapp group “parents4turi” and are working tirelessly to raise funds to cover the deficit.