Redefining the Classroom in the Times of Covid

The past two months have challenged the definition of a classroom if not education as a whole. World-wide school closures have meant different things for different learners. For some, it has made Edutech a big part of their daily life and they long for the time the gadgets can be switched off and they can go outside and kick an actual ball versus a virtual one. Who would have thought? Too much screen time for kids was a major concern just the other day.


For others it has been one long free period. Either way children have spent a lot of time at home. Since there’s always something to learn whether at play, doing chores or working on assignments online the classroom is now, wherever they are. Whether on the dining table, in the shamba, in the kitchen; these are the new “Centres of Excellence”!


For students in Turi, the bedroom is a popular spot where mathematical challenges are tackled, projects are conceived and delivered and conversations with teachers, classmates and roommates are had.


While intended for rest and relaxation, this room is now the place to get things done and as young  Master Luke Spragg (Year 9) explains below, it can be a stressful because you not only need to get things done but you need to do them well. His sister Megan (Year 11) misses the face-to-face interactions with teachers and school mates.


Step into The Spragg’s Learning Centre at Turi