Brian with his ghetto classics and Turi Family

Turi Quarantine – Trumpet Loving Teen

Meet Brian Odhiambo, as self-confessed trumpet addict!

Before Covid-19 turned the world upside down, his typical day was spent assisting in Maths, English and Music lessons at the Prep School. If you are familiar with Turi’s musical events, you may have spotted him tooting his trumpet away.

Brian, a gap student at Turi began dabbling in music and specifically, brass instruments in 2017- then a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education candidate at Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School in Korogocho. He was taken by music played by his fellow youngsters from Ghetto Classics- who would occasionally perform at his school.

Determined to make music himself, he joined them- Every spare minute he had was spent at the Ghetto Classics’ premises, also in Korogocho where free music lessons are given to children and youth. Ghetto classics is a community programe that is empowering youth from vulnerable communities through music education. Brian spent time at their Korogocho base after school and weekends, keen to catch up with some of his friends who had been at it for a while. He began with basic musical theory and then eased into practical. He now says 20% of his musical knowledge and achievements to date can be attributed to the lessons he received, but three years on 80% of what he knows and does is thanks to practice! practice! practice! No matter how long and work-filled his days are, he must make time for the trumpet. If not “Kichwa inauma” (His head aches); a common phrase used by Kenyans when describing their need to have a cup of tea before calling it a day and generally not by people of his generation.

Brian does not take full credit for his progress so far, he credits Mr and Mrs Alenga Luvai (also responsible for the musical success and enthusiasm at the Prep School) for a lot, even terming them his saviours!


Brian (Back- right) with his ghetto classics and Turi Family

With the pupils away how is Brian whiling away the time?

Well, he is the talent behind the videos used for the Turi Virtual Learning Programme and those that get the public gets to see on Turi’s Social Media platforms.

Not one to toot his own trumpet, this determined twenty year old is an asset to the St Andrew’s School, Turi community. He hopes to get into film production. Like many young men his age- he does not sleep much. Many nights are spent learning how to produce and edit videos and thanks to good old youtube, his skills are growing. It’s also mostly during these nights that puts time into the trombone, French horn and tuber. His humble background is not a deterrent, if anything “Brayo” is determination is an obvious indicator of a very different future. He dreams of being a professional producer and part time musical artist!

So quarantine life is working well for him? Very well. Take a look…


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