Leadership Principles

As we started a new term of Leadership principles at St Andrew’s, we returned to the question of why Leadership has become such an integral part of life at St Andrew’s – namely that we are hoping to produce young people who will change the world. With this in mind, we continue with our study of the seven principles, looking at how the children ‘Take Responsibility’, ‘Set Goals’, ‘Care for Others’, ‘Live with Integrity and Purpose’, ‘Respect Opinions’, ‘Recognise Gifts in Others’ and ‘Take Care of Themselves’.

Each week, we will be looking at a new area within each principle which can help the children live up to these goals. As we started this term, the children were asked to consider the words of Mother Teresa, encouraging them to remember their actions are between them and God. We look forward to them living out these words and making further strides in their Leadership journey this term.