The exciting world of Art

Art this term is very busy and exciting.  Year 1 and 2 are starting with looking at Kandinsky and how he creates his Abstract Art. We will be looking at creating circles just like he did and reinforcing the colour wheel while we do it. Our end result is to produce a crazy abstract wall.

Year 3 are also imitating an artist, Henri Matisse. We are looking at how he uses scissors to draw his shapes in ‘Cut-outs’ and are in the process of creating our own class cut-out works. This involves the dancers and the leaf shapes that he is so famous for. We shall then be turning these designs into 3D structures.
In Year 4, linking to last terms project of African Masks, we are looking at Picasso, who was influenced by masks. We are looking at Picasso’s cubist style and creating our own portraits as well as understanding the importance of shapes and colour. By looking at Picasso’s blue paintings we are able to study warm and cool colours and let them influence our work.
Year 5 have been looking at Pointillism this term and the works of George Seurat. They have created their own landscapes and focused on the elements which need to be included. Then they have been using Q-Tips to create their dots just like the Pointillism artists. They have also been looking at how to blend colours by creating lots of little dots rather than to mix the colours.
Portraiture is the key focus for the Year 6s. We have looked into what a portrait means and what it can be including sculpture, photography and paintings. From there we have been creating our own self-portraits or a portrait of one another using mirrors. We have learned how to divide the face to see where the features sit and how to draw them so we can create the most accurate portraits we can.
Year 7 have been looking at optical illusions this term and trying to recreate their own. It certainly is a tricky job when the lines keep moving around the page. Studying key Optical artists such as Etcher and Bridget Riley has kept them busy. Later this term we are going to be using graphic art to create tessellations on the computer.
Being Year 8’s last term in Art, we are reflecting on our time here in St Andrews Prep School and using our skills of creating figures and producing storyboards to create a graphic novel. Thinking of an event that has happened here, such as Dinky Safari or St Andrew’s Day, then formatting the layout of the novel and adding expression to the characters is a tough challenge for Year 8. However, it is worthwhile for them to reflect on their memories at Prep School which will remember forever.