Prep School takes a Walk through the Bible

Last week, some of our Prep School pupils enjoyed an interactive Bible study course called Walk Thru the Bible.  It’s a one-of-a-kind, highly dynamic, memorable event that helps understand God’s story and encourages us to find our place in it. The UK based charity have taught in more than 100 countries to more than more than 80,000 people!

Mr Phil Baskerville, a previous member of staff at Turi, visited the School and provided a colorful representation of Biblical events. Highlights included the people of Israel entering the promised land led by Joshua and the march around Jericho.  Mr Baskerville also introduced them to three judges: Deborah, a wise judge who ruled for forty years and brought peace to the land, Gideon an unlikely hero who became a mighty warrior and Samson whose great strength is the stuff of legend!
See videos.