Prep School Swimming Success

Swimming at Turi continues to develop with improvements in the quality of teaching and training program. Our goal is for ‘everyone to be a swimmer’ and the swimming curriculum is designed to equip pupils with lifelong skills.

Right from the early years, all pupils enjoy swimming lessons including Nursery and Reception classes which focus on building water confidence.  Our number one aim is to ensure that all pupils from Years 1-8 have enough water confidence to swim at the deep end and master all five strokes, (the fifth one being the underwater techniques). Year 7 and 8 progress on to take Water Safety lessons.

Thanks goes to parents for cheering and supporting us on the stands at Peponi School IAPS Swimming Championship. Our team put up a good performance amidst a tough competition from ten other international schools. The tournament was held on Saturday, 4th March in Nairobi, for full details see our IAPS results.