Prep School Cross Country

Last week the Prep School boys and girls tackled the cross country course in a bid to earn points for their school houses. This year’s Inter-house Cross Country competition enjoyed perfect running conditions and resulted in a number of records being broken over both the one kilometer and three kilometer courses.

Digby Nightingale of Ruwe set a new record of 5 minutes 5 seconds over the one kilometer Under 7s course. Both the boys and girls Under 13 records were broken with Ryan Rubyogo of Kilimanjaro House setting a new time of 12 minutes 43 seconds for the boys. Sara Storey of Elgon House completed the course in 14 minutes 28 seconds to win the girls race.
At the end of the day, it was Kenya House who won the overall event, becoming the 2017 Inter-House Cross Country Champions. Below are the top three competitors in each race:

1st Digby Nightingale Ruwe
2nd Daniel Thurlow Kili
3rd Philippa Boulee Kenya
U9 Girls U9 Boys
1st Katie Scott Ruwe 1st Hugh Boulle Kenya
2nd Kayla Mpanga Kenya 2nd Joshua Mathias Kenya
3rd Tracy Obitre-Gama Elgon 3rd Jack Youlten Ruwe
U11 Girls U11 Boys
1st Stacy Bett Ruwe 1st Jamie Jean-Louis Kenya
2nd Gabriella Udoto Kenya 2nd Wilfred Bungei Elgon
3rd Katy Anderson Kili 3rd Aaron Draper Elgon
U13 Girls U13 Boys
1st Sara Story Elgon 1st Ryan Rubyogo Kili
2nd Mo Ilo Kili 2nd Jason Koech Ruwe
3rd Sanchia Obi Ruwe 3rd Alvin Udoto Kenya