PAS Bronze Practice Journey to Mt Longonot

The team had a fantastic trip to Mt Longonot and Sanctuary Farm at Lake Naivasha and each individual on the trip showed a lot of grit and determination in very hot, dusty conditions. All students made it up to the rim of the crater and then to the summit and managed to circumnavigate the entire crater before making the final descent at speed.

After the 12 KM hike over some challenging terrain and steep ascents, the students were debriefed by the PAS assessor and each individual was able to explain how they had fulfilled their assigned duties and responsibilities during the adventure. There was obviously a lot to say as we arrived at camp a little later than initially projected but quickly settled in for an evening of delicious food, campfire chat and star gazing.
Following a well-earned sleep the students were out running with zebra to warm up aching limbs. After a very satisfying breakfast the team broke camp and headed home. It was a genuine adventure in which the students gave it everything they had and all were terrific ambassadors for the school.
Kashvi Malde impressed with her determination and resilience; in spite of inevitable fatigue Maria Wace unsurprisingly led the way for much of the hike, impressing with her enthusiasm and stamina; Minh Bui was consistently impressive in endurance throughout, even when she felt unwell; Sasha Munyeki showed amazing skill coming off the summit and entertained all throughout, even learning some Luo whilst her peers recovered at the park entrance; Megan Spragg was always ready to help her peers when they were struggling and even decided to run the last kilometre back to the gate; Kevin Kodhe showed strength and determination, summiting first and managing to complete the circumnavigation of the crater at the front, his pace increasing with the end in sight; Alfred Minja walked through painful cramp to finish in impressive form and was excellent company throughout although everyone was very jealous of his hiking stick; Patience Saazi was able to administer First Aid when needed and was seen deliriously running down from the summit (only to realize that we still had three quarters of the hike left); Kyle Keter was team leader and in this capacity ensured the team had all finished in one piece although he almost didn’t after a nasty fall from which he quickly recovered, and his speed was unrivalled in the run at Sanctuary Farm the next morning.
An excellent trip was had by all and each student showed that they are very promising PAS participants.