Senior School Weekly Outdoor chapel

Every week at the Senior School, the students enjoy a beautiful service at the outdoor chapel that encourages them to share and speak up about issues affecting their spiritual life.


In this week’s outdoor chapel service, Fortunes, a Year 11 student, shared about how relationships can influence our lives positively. He highlighted David’s and Jonathan’s Bible story and how Jonathan protected David from his own father because he saw something more in David, and the wickedness in his father’s heart. Jonathan stood for righteousness over corrupt family ties. Fortunes also narrated a real life encounter where he had a classmate in his former school show him kindness when he didn’t deserve it. The boy had a bad eye and was not very popular in the school due to his funny looking face. Because of this Fortunes made funny comments about him and was very mean to him, but despite this, the boy never retaliated and instead was very kind to him. He saw something more in Fortunes and kept telling him that he was a good boy.


The belief that this boy had in Fortunes brought a turnaround in the latter’s life and they ended up being the best of friends. On one occasion, the boy got into a grisly road accident and almost lost his life. He had to stay in ICU for a while. This broke Fortunes’ heart and made him re-examine his relationship with God. He wondered why such a good person would encounter such a tragedy in life. He felt that he deserved to be in his place because of how mean and naughty he had been when he was younger.
It was at this juncture that Fortunes began to appreciate the love and grace of God in his life. He was particularly blown away by the fact that God didn’t have to find a reason to love him, He just loved him anyway.