Digital Leaders

As we look to increase the range and level of pupil leadership in the school, we are excited to announce that last week we held our first Digital Leaders meeting, featuring our eight Digital Leaders, who are children from Years 5 and 6. ‘Digital Leaders’ is not a school club. It is a role that is respected, and regarded in the same way that our School Council is. Our Digital Leaders have skills, they are able to work in a team and learn independently and, most importantly, have a strong interest in technology.

On our first meeting we joined together to learn how to create a quiz for the game-based learning platform ‘Kahoot!’. Together the Digital Leaders created a quiz for the Year 3 children to use and enjoy. Over the next few weeks and months, our Digital Leaders will be given opportunities to explore new resources that allows them to develop expertise and support both pupils and teachers in our school community.
During this term we will learn how to be safe online. The central message is: the internet is a great place for children to be; being ‘Share Aware’ makes it safer.​ This is a concept created by the NSPCC in the UK. We tell our children it’s good to share – but online it’s different. In fact sometimes it can be dangerous.  It is my hope that this will be a great starting point for additional work around online safety – in the future I know that our Digital Leaders will be able to produce presentations about what they learnt to deliver to the younger classes.
In the meantime the Senior Management Team have given us a challenge! The Digital Leaders are to create a 40 second film entitled ‘The Best of Turi’. We are excited about this project and are looking forward to sharing the finished article with you in the near future!
Mrs Karen Hackman