New Facilities for Design and Technology

After a term of building works in the Design and Technology Room, we are very excited to report that the room has now been extended and is fully in use. The additional space accommodates benching around the room which means there is a designated area for textiles, electronics and resistant materials.

The main new additions to the room are the resistant materials electric tools which include three scroll saws, a bench drill and a disc sander with extraction unit.

Pupils from Year 5 to 8 are about to start a range of Resistant Materials Projects, all of them using the new workshop area. The additional space means that we can provide more challenge with the projects currently being taught and there has been a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the pupils working in the room.

This is an exciting time for Design and Technology and our goal is that the room will be made accessible over weekends to allow the pupils to work on their own projects, creating a climate of challenge, creativity and self-motivated pupils who are really engaged in Design and Technology.

Sarah Curry
Design and Technology Teacher