New developments at the Prep School

St Andrew’s Prep School, is very excited by our latest developments. Those parents who visited the school on the first Sunday of term would have seen the enormous amount of work that had been going on to improve our facilities, and to make sure our pupils experience a world-class provision.

Four classrooms have been redecorated, and one of our Science labs has had a major refit. This is key developments as we continue to be one of the leading academic schools in the country.  We have also finished construction of a new musical instrument storage room, allowing us to provide a far greater range of instruments for our young musicians. The Junior Dorms have been completely refurbished, creating what we feel is a warm, comfortable and homely atmosphere for our youngest boarders. Work has begun on Senior Boys, both externally and internally, creating smaller dormitories, and giving that space a much needed makeover.
Of course, the external ambience of a space is important, but more important is how the pupils have found the changes. The young girls and boys have really welcomed the smaller rooms, the lighter, brighter, warmer areas, as well as the effect of stepping into a smart (and quieter!) dorm. The Year 7s and 8s have enjoyed the new science lab that places practical work at its heart, and being able to work in a modern, flexible space.
These developments are just the first stage of a more comprehensive plan undertaken by the Board of Governors to ensure that we are providing the very best facilities for our children. Of course, buildings are not everything, and alongside the physical aspects of the School, this year also sees us focusing on improving our use of technology in the classroom, developing our leadership program, increasing the pupil voice within the School, and refining our pastoral systems. I look forward to giving you more updates as the year progresses.