Nativity Play

KS1 and Lower KS2 have been working on their Christmas Nativity play and it has been amazing to watch the youngest in the school rise to the occasion and showcase their talents.

This Year’s Nativity is ‘The Super Star’. It tells the story of a school choir group, ‘The Celestial Choir’, all wanting to audition for the main part as the ‘Superstar’. One of the stars is not confident and is worried about the auditions. It soon becomes clear however that the play is not just about one star that can shine the brightest but is about team work and everyone helping the superstars shine their way to the stable. As this special performance unfolds all the children shine a light on the traditional Nativity story.

In the last five weeks we have seen the pupils strive to live out the school motto ‘Altiora Peto’ in varied ways.  All 45 children taking part have speaking parts and they have not only learnt their lines, without needing a script, but they have used knowledge gained in their performance poetry and drama lessons, to ‘act’ them out. They auditioned for their roles and took great pride in it.  When it came to the music, the pupils learnt the songs and with the help of their music teachers,  some have accompanied the singers on ‘Doods’ and ‘Toots’ (musical instruments).

The pupils performed on Thursday for the Senior School and Workforce Nursery and on Friday at the Prep School end of term Christmas Service. The children were so excited to be performing and their enthusiasm and enjoyment in their practices was matched by the quality of performance. Well done to our talented children for giving their best and thanks to the staff that worked so hard to enable the children to perform this Nativity play.

Parents and teachers alike should be very proud of the efforts they have put into this production.