Music Trip to Japan

This month 29 students from Year 9 and 10 toured Japan. They visited popular sites such as the Tokyo Skytree,  the Fuji  amusement park and the Kinkakuji Golden Temple. The tour was put together by the Senior School’s music department to increase the students cultural awareness. Japan’s vibrant lifestyle and very rich culture was the perfect place.

The students were very impressed by the strict Japanese discipline, musical excellence and very sophisticated transport system. They loved the Japanese hospitality and quite enjoyed the food. Many new friendships were also made. They had the privilege of performing at two Japanese churches, an elderly nursing home and at Yakumo Academy, a RoundSquare school in Tokyo. The audience was particularly pleased by their Japanese performances.
The visit to the elderly home was beautiful and heartwarming as the aged residents there seldom meet youngsters from Africa. Another very special moment was the students’ performance at the Kenyan embassy in Tokyo.
The two week trip helped our Senior School students improve their musical prowess. They were inspired and motivated by how hard their Japanese counterparts practice and how impeccably they play. All the students felt greatly enriched by the tour.