Year 8 Pupils Shine at the MSMUN conference

A group of eight Year 8 pupils from St Andrew’s Prep School visited the United Nations complex in Nairobi for the 2018 MSMUN Conference.  They did a fantastic job of representing Barbados and North Korea.

They had the incredible opportunity to listen to motivational speeches from Bonnie Kim, a highly sought after international speaker and Kevin Ashley, the CEO of Java House in Kenya. In addition to this, they also debated resolutions for the countries that they represented.
Barbados’ resolution on eradicating human trafficking in Haiti was passed with an overwhelming majority from the Human Rights Committee, after being eloquently presented and defended by our very own Stacy Aoko. North Korea presented a very well thought through resolution on reducing drought in North Korea using fog-catchers. This was also successfully debated and passed.
Well done to all the pupils for making this year’s Middle School Model United Nations such an inspiring time. They look forward to doing it all again at next year’s event.