Moving on Up Day for Year 13

Moving on Up Days are an important part of the pastoral care provided at St Andrew’s School, Turi.  Year 7 to Year 13 enjoy a day specifically focused on their age group; the aim being to learn about and discuss challenges they may be facing.

Last week, our Year 13s spent their day hearing from teachers who volunteered their time to prepare sessions on a variety of topics, from ‘Managing Finances’ to ‘Christian Relationships at University’. The group started with some active team building exercises, helping the students build friendships and learn to work effectively together as a group.
Mr Wayne Hackman, the Whole School Chaplain, talked about ‘Keeping Faith at University’ and offered some helpful advice. He encouraged students to get connected to a church at university as soon as possible, to be themselves, to make friends with like-minded Christians peers and establish accountability partners to support them through challenges.
Other talks outlined how metacognition techniques are already helping our Year 13s achieve their goals during this important final year and how potential future employers use social media to judge applicants.  Mrs Liz Nyariki, the Tsavo Assistant Houseparent, talked about her experiences at Oxbridge including advice on how to maintain a good work/life balance. She encouraged students to maintain their personal health, both physically and mentally and find a good balance between having fun and dedicating sufficient time to achieving academic goals.
The students learnt a lot and especially enjoyed the live cooking demonstrations by Mr Joel Holliday, the Tsavo Houseparent, and Mr Mark Buckler, Deputy Head Pastoral. Students learned to cook simple but healthy Italien dishes and some inexpensive but delicious Asian recipes.