Modern Foreign Languages Week

On Monday the 3rd of October, we, as a school, had the privilege of participating in this year’s MFL Week. MFL stands for Modern Foreign Languages, as I am taking French; I was able to enjoy the annual question hunt where I, with some of my friends, dashed around the school looking for questions to answer and hopefully be the first to finish and win extravagant prizes. Sadly we didn’t win, but it was an enjoyable, educating experience where I learnt many things such as: MDR means mort de rire, which loosely translates to ‘LOL’ in English and is commonly used in a text message.

During the week, all three houses: Athi, Tana, Kerio worked tirelessly to prepare for the MFL competition where each house had to present a song, dance, poem and skit. All the houses performed a spectacular salsa dance and Athi went the extra mile and added in a little bit of Afro-Fusion. My highlight was Kerio’s skit, which was about different patients who spoke different languages from the doctors and hospital workers, in the end the doctor ended up seeing all the patients, and also getting infected with their various diseases.

Altogether it was an amazing week and I learnt a lot. Huge thanks to all the MFL teachers and everyone for making it a LIT week.

Maria Etiang – Year 10 student