Memorable Year 8 Moments

On the 27th of June we as year eight celebrated our time together during our leaver’s dinner. Every year there is a theme chosen and the theme is meant to be reflected in the music, food, decorations and even dressing and the theme this year was AFRICA!!!

A lot of people were excited about the dresses and decoration, but mostly over the food. It had a variety of amazing things like: incredible interior designing by the leavers’ committee; a great choice of food that all led back to the theme of Africa and amazing nominations (for prizes like the laziest person).

We got to hear a fantastic speech from Alicia Entonou, who described in detail our time at Turi and the way as a whole year group we had come so far. The night ended with a choreographed partner dance to the song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Ariana Grande and John Legend. This was followed by  a head over heels disco with some African songs and other genres. After this amazing night it left us only with Sagana to do our final bonding trip as a full year group.

On the 28th of June we set off for our year group bonding trip at Sagana. It lasted for 5 days so we came back on the 1st of July and it was absolutely amazing. We did a range of activities such as: archery, white water rafting, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, night line, zip lining etc.  These activities brought us out of our comfort zone and made start to find ourselves and the way we handle problems, it taught us initiative, leadership and trust in our partners or groups and really helped us develop ourselves. The last half term of year 8 from CEs to leaver’s service  has been awesome and enjoyable.

By: Adesuwa Alikah and Ime-Ruth Udoh

Year 8