Meeting Mr James Gore

Meet Mr Gore, the new Prep School, Deputy Head (Academic). In addition to teaching English and Maths, Mr Gore is also the Year 7 Elgon and Junior Boys tutor. His aim for the Prep School is to ensure that the curriculum that is both challenging and exciting while providing a well-rounded education that looks holistically at the child.

What’s your role here at St Andrew’s?
I have joined St Andrews Prep School this year as Deputy Head (Academic). I also have the pleasure of teaching 6TAG for English and Maths and am tutor for 7 Elgon. I also am attached to the Junior Boys dorms.
What was you previous role?
My previous role was Assistant Head Pedagogy at Repton School in Dubai. Prior to that I served their as Curriculum Coordinator for the Prep and Pre-Prep section and Head of English in the Prep School.
What did that entail?
As Assistant Head Pedagogy I was responsible for the planning and implementation of professional development for teachers and teaching assistants, both internal and external provision. Part of the role was monitoring the quality of teaching and learning through observations and the development of the appraisal system. I line managed a number of people: the Head of Reporting and Assessment, ensuring that testing was carried out and reviewed regularly, the Head of Digital Literacy, looking at the development of the use of technology within school and the Heads of Arabic and MFL.
What brought you to Turi?
I first knew of Turi about 6 years ago through a Kenyan friend at church in Dubai. As a strong supporter of Prep school education and being a committed follower of Christ I have always considered a move here at some point. Furthermore our son is adopted from Ethiopia and so we wanted to be able to expose him to African culture. It was my wife who first saw the advert for the Deputy Head post and so I applied, prayed and left the rest to God.
What excites you most about teaching?
There are many aspects of teaching that are exciting. Firstly no day is the same, there is a lot of variation. The most important aspect for me is seeing the smiles in children’s faces when they are learning, helping children to grow in their strengths and their weaknesses and being able to support them in different areas of their life. There is nothing that touches you more as a teacher when a pupil or parent thanks you for the change you have made in the child’s life.
What is your main aim for the academic provision at St Andrew’s?
My main aim is to ensure that we offer a curriculum that is challenging and exciting. Looking at how we can build on the strengths of the school and working together towards our vision to be the prominent school in East Africa; providing a well-rounded education that looks holistically at the child as they develop into future leaders wherever life takes them!
How have you found your first week at Turi?
Moving to a new country with family is never easy and everything has been so new, so it has been a busy start to life at Turi. The community here are incredibly supportive and I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful team. The children are smiley, polite and active – everything you would want in a school. I remember when I came for interview last December, I asked a pupil if they like life here at Turi. They replied, “It is like heaven Sir”. In all the busyness, that sums it up beautifully.
Tell me about your family.
I have moved to Turi with my wife, Lorna and my son Roba. My wife and I will be celebrating ten years of marriage next August and we have been blessed with our son Roba for just over 3 years since we adopted him at 11 months old. He is very active and enjoying Reception class here at Turi. My wife is a trained occupational therapist and has worked in a range of trauma units and also with special needs children; she is currently taking a break from her career but looking to get involved in different aspects of school life, here at Turi.
Outside of teaching, what do you like to do?
Outside of teaching I love to read, particularly theology and detective novels. I love to play music. I used to lead worship at a church in Dubai so am very passionate about this and love to spend time with my guitar worshipping God. As I get used to the altitude I hope to take up squash again as well. Most of all when I have time I like to spend time with my family, playing trains with Roba or going for walks through the woodland on site.