Meet Karen Andrews

We would like to introduce to you Mrs Karen Andrews, our new Head of Girls Games at the Prep School. She is also the new Houseparent of Junior Girls boarding house. She joins us from England where she taught Physical Education for nine years and coached teams on Athletics, Cross Country, Netball and Rounders.
What’s your role here at St Andrew’s?
Head of Girls Games and Houseparent of Junior Girls

 What was you previous role?
I was previously a PE Teacher at a large Secondary School in England, where I taught for 9 years.

What did that entail?
I mainly taught Girls’ PE, and coached a number of teams including Athletics, Cross Country, Netball and Rounders. I also taught GCSE PE, and was Second in Department with responsibility for Enrichment activities, including organising extra curricular clubs and activities. The most adventurous trip I organised was a 16 day expedition to Borneo for 35 students!

What brought you to Turi?
My husband was Director of Sport here from 2006-2008, and it is always somewhere we have wanted to return to now that we have a family. Our big question was always “when?” Earlier this year we were talking and praying about our next move, as we were both keen for a new challenge. The next day we looked at a jobs website and saw vacancies at St Andrews. We saw that as a clear sign we should apply, and the rest fell into place.

What sports do you enjoy most?
I love running, and back in England competed in races regularly. I also enjoy Horse Riding, Netball and Swimming. Last summer I started competing in Aquathlons (like a Triathlon, but without the cycle stage!), and this is something I would like to do more of in the future.

How have you found running at altitude?
Running at altitude has certainly been challenging – and slow! Thankfully, the nice sunny mornings and the beautiful scenery make it bearable!

How have you found your first week at Turi?
My first week at Turi has been busy but enjoyable. I have enjoyed starting to get to know the pupils, and am trying my best to learn all their names!

 Tell us about your family.
My husband and I have two children: Grace is six and Milo is three. They are both starting to settle into the new routines and ways of doing things here at Turi. Milo loves sport, so enjoys spending his afternoons outside kicking a ball around in the garden. Grace loves horses and is really excited to continue her riding lessons here.

Outside of coaching and sport, what do you like to do?
Spending time with my family is really important to me, and we love to travel and explore new places together. We have already been to explore Nakuru National Park, which we all loved, and are looking forward to exploring more of Kenya.

 What is your main aim for the Girls Games’ provision at St Andrew’s?
​My vision is that all the girls will experience education, enjoyment and effective exercise through Girls’ Games at St Andrews. I am hoping for success on the sports field, both in terms of pupils growing in confidence and competence, but also in fixtures against other schools. I am keen to encourage leadership through Games, allowing older pupils to take some ownership of different activities and giving them the opportunity to put their leadership skills into practice by leading warm ups and drills. We have a really enthusiastic team of staff working with our Rounders teams at present. I am really grateful for all the hard work they are putting into running their teams, and look forward to seeing what those teams can achieve.