Meet Mr Martyn – Senior School Head of Science

Meet Mr Nicholas Martyn, the new Head of Science at the Senior School. He brings in with him a wealth of experience and fresh enthusiasm. He is excited to be putting in place several new additions in the Senior School Science Faculty that he believes will enhance the students’ learning and appreciation for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Which university did you go to?
I attended Sussex University followed by Bristol University, both in the UK.
What’s your role at St Andrew’s School, Turi?
My role is Head of Science. It’s a really exciting role, overseeing the teaching and learning of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I also teach Physics, am a Year 13 tutor and a cross-country/ athletics coach.
Why do you love Science?
Science is so exciting! Try imaging a world without science… there would be no doctors, no cars, no phones, no TV and no electricity. Science enables us to live the way we want to as well as develop the world around us.
Why would you recommend a career in Science?
Science opens so many doors. If you study science, you are very likely to gain a good job, to make a difference and, when you retire, be proud of what you have achieved. Additionally, if you move out of your science based career, there are lots of other options open to you. Science is highly regarded in other spheres such as business, finance and general leadership.
Which big scientific question do you think about the most?
There are so many fascinating science questions we need to answer in the year 2017, such as how we will control global warming and if we will find life outside of Earth. One I think about often is, why we have so many problems in the world that can be easily alleviated through the application of science? It’s sad to see people suffer unnecessarily due to poor planning and decision making.
What are your plans for the Science department?
The Senior School Science Faculty has a series of plans to excite and enhance the student’s learning experience. One of them is to broaden pupil’s knowledge of science beyond the curriculum through a series of lectures from staff and friends of St Andrew’s, Turi.
The second is to expose pupils to science careers through visiting working science based establishments. To achieve our goals, we are asking parents and board members who may be able to support us to get in touch via email. Specifically, we request:

  • Experts in any scientific field who could deliver a short lecture on a scientific topic they are passionate about.
  • Any contacts for a reputable scientific establishment that St Andrew’s students may be able to visit.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?
Outside of work, I spend time distance running, trekking, adventure based activities, farming and environmental conservation. When at home I enjoy sitting on my veranda with my wife, our ginger cat and a cup of coffee.
How should parents contact you?
Please email me at