Meet Maggy – Pupil Profile

Maggy O loves nature (Turi was the right choice then). At year 8, the green movement champion’s passion for conserving the environment has grown gradually and consistently. As part of her Turi Change-maker project during the past year her focus was on recycling plastics.

Her passion does not end with nature. She loves photography and though she admits to not being the best artist, loves design (One word for you Maggy- Practice!). It doesn’t come as a surprise that Maggy is not limiting herself when it comes to interests- she would like to get into medicine and law in the future.

English is her favourite subject and in her own words “An easy A* “. It does help that she loves her English teacher. There’s more that she likes about being part of St Andrew’s School, Turi- she loves the community. She describes it (the combination of friends and teachers) as “Kind of like a big family”.

Maggy acknowledges the numerous opportunities provided in Turi. She appreciates the guidance given and believes that this input from her teachers will go a long way in carving her future. It looks like in Maggy we have an eloquent future medic who provides legal counsel/defends the  conservation agenda that takes photographs of nature and designs household items out of recycled material! Anything is possible!

Well Maggy is already writing to Newspaper Editors to give her two cents on conservation. Recently, the editor of Standard Newspaper published her Open letter addressing the reckless cutting of trees in our country!

As a school we are proud to have Maggy as part of the “Big Family” and endevour to ensure that she and all other pupils continue to seek the highest in all their pursuits.