Mary Poppins

This year’s School Play was the timeless classic, Mary Poppins. This is a wonderful story of a magical nanny, sent to look after 4 children, who were in need of some attention and adventure in their lives. Whilst their experience and outlook on life is shaken by Mary Poppins, the true transformation takes place in their father, Mr Banks, who is forced to confront his strict Victorian upbringing, and take joy and pleasure in life, not least by spending time with his family.

As always with a production directed by Ms Sydney May  there was plenty of colour, humour and vibrancy. Joy Gichuha was superb in the title role, with Eghosa Izedonmwen bringing a wonderfully wry wit to his performance as Mr Banks. The play was full of excellent cameos from a large number of pupils, as well as the high standard of singing that we have come to expect.

Our two Year 8 Theatre Critics, Adesuwa Alikah and Ethel Mugira, described the production for us. “There was awesome singing, dancing and acting and the cast were fascinating, with so many different and new talents. Props, costumes and the set were extremely realistic. The directors put in so much work for the masterpiece that became Mary Poppins. All the three performances made the crowd laugh, sing and dance. The cast really enjoyed working on the musical. In short, Mary Poppins was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”