The Magic Box – An adaptation by the Year 3 Pupils

The Magic Box

I will put in the box

A black and white horse,

A summer on a yellow beach,

A leaping spark with violet wishes.

(Chris & Belicia)


I will put in the box

A dragon with an electric body,

The blackest water in the world

A beach on a lovely summer morning.

(Tommy & Albert)


I will put in the box

A speedy slug going to Scotland

An aged apple from Africa,

A tree that never stops talking.

(Abigail & Philly)


I will put into the box

The last shout of a special song,

A rainbow with extra sparkling colours,

A walking fairy tree.

(Athalia & Yashika)


My box is fashioned from white fur, fire and earth,

With spinning planets on the lid and fairy dust in the corners.

Its hinges are the finger joints of witches.


By Year 3 Pupils