Love in Action

For the last nine years, Love in Action has become a favourite feature on the School calendar, every term, just before half term.  It encourages our pupils to think about the needs of the local Turi community and raise money, by donating their ‘tuck shop’ allowance, for charity initiatives. Our ‘home clothes’ and charity lunch on the day, allows the pupils to enjoy an alfresco meal by the boating pond.

The school also makes a donation and the pupils are always excited to find out in Chapel on the next morning, how the money raised has been spent to improve the lives of others.
This term as always, the day culminated in a well attended prayer session under our ancient fig tree when we thanked God for all that we enjoy, and prayed for the children being helped by Love in Action at our nearby primary school, Turi Sulgwita, and at TCP, our very special and active local community project.
Our pupils are proud to be part of practical, Christian, Love in Action.