Learning Tools

Learning Tools is a brand new subject for St Andrew’s that is being taught to all Year 7 students. In Learning Tools, the focus is not so much on the knowledge being learnt, but rather on the skills that are being used to turn information into personal knowledge. These skills, or ‘learning tools’, are: perception, language, emotion, logic, faith and memory.


By better understanding the process of learning, Year 7 students will grow in their independent learning abilities. This will prove invaluable for their future studies as they lead their learning and become more self-aware of themselves as learners and leaders.  So far this year, students in Learning Tools have learnt about the tool of perception, what it is and how it can affect the way we approach the world we live in.


Furthermore they have learnt how it is used to aid learning. The students have shown great enthusiasm and enjoyment in the subject and are often found in the ICT labs researching further around the subject. Students are currently preparing for group presentations on a topic relating to perception, which will be delivered to the class at the end of the half term.