Learning Mathematics for Life

“I don’t like maths!!!!”  A declaration that has been made-possibly everyday by numerous people since 6th Century BC when the Pythagoreans began to study mathematics as a subject in its own right.


So why does mathematics seem so difficult to so many people?


Well, perception is certainly part of it. Many (and ignorantly so) don’t see the point;  how is solving for x going to apply in my day to life? Every adult is likely to have been part of such a conversation.


The answer is maths is everywhere and in everything we do. It may not be algebra but we apply different mathematical concepts in many life situations.  Take the current Covid 19 crisis, everyday we are keen to follow the statistics.. how many new cases, deaths, recoveries and for the advanced mathematicians there’s the element of modeling which is being used to predict the situation over time and come up with possible dates


Sadly, admitting weakness in mathematics is not frowned upon, not as much as if one said, “I can’t read”. While literacy is key for survival in this age and is even recognized as a catalyst for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals, there needs to be recognition of the importance of numerical skills just as much as reading and writing.


There are two things that get us excited at the Prep School; Music… and believe it or not Mathematics. We can hear whispers in the back saying “What about games?” No…… Well, yes but..


Say it with us “We love maths!!!”


This academic year has been special mathematically speaking; with scrapping of Common Entrance exams for our year 8s, we can truly say that we are learning to solve problems, in our workbooks and in life. Yes, good grades are a big part of the bottom line but when it comes to learning there’s more to it than just passing exams.


While not everyone will go on to be a mathematician (Hi Kamsi! Hi Wambui!), the programme at Turi is definitely set up to develop mathematical thinkers. We are blessed to have great teachers and numerous resources to ensure that the appreciation of mathematics goes beyond the classroom.


Even with the challenges that have risen from the current global pandemic, our enthusiasm for learning is maintained. Learn more about our mathematics at St Andrew’s Prep School, Turi from Mr Spragg- Deputy Co-curricular (and mathematics enthusiast) below.



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