Learning Leadership Principles at Prep School

At Prep School, we believe that a focus on these core values gives our children the basis from which to leave our school as leaders in whatever walk of life they may then pursue; as individuals who will tackle both academic and co-curricular challenges with an attitude which can only lead to success.

Each week, there will be a focus, covered in one of the Chapels and in one Tutor time. Staff should be particularly pro-active in recognising the focus with rewards over the week. Here are the weekly focuses for the Easter Term.

Week 1 – Recap on the 7 Principles : Take Responsibility; Set Goals; Live with Integrity and Purpose; Care for Others; Respect Opinions; Recognise gifts in others; Take Care of yourself
Week 2 – Recognise Gifts in others: Pay people compliments
Week 3 – Take Care of Yourself: Look after your belongings
Week 4 – Take Responsibility: Be Proactive
Week 5 – Set Goals: Know what each day holds and plan accordingly
Week 6 – Live with integrity and purpose: Prioritise – do the most important things first
Week 7 – Care for others: Invest in other people when they are sad or unhappy – they may repay the favour later
Week 8 – Respect opinions: Be prepared to ask for help
Week 9 – Recognise gifts in others:  Look to learn from other people
Week 10 – Take Care of Yourself: Look after your mind – challenge yourself in class, rest in your free time
Week 11 – Take Responsibility: Help others to do the right thing as well as yourself