Turi Virtual Learning

Learning in the Time of Covid

It is no doubt that one of the sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic is Education. Premature school closures, limit or no access to learning material for most and a general uncertainty about the future have synonymous with the pandemic. One thing that’s for sure is that those who can have been hard at work creating programmes that albeit virtual ensure that learning continues. St Andrew’s School, Turi is one such place; with the privilege of having a dedicate team of teaching and non-teaching staff and the unrelenting support of parents we were able to launch our online learning programme for the Prep School, Senior School and Sixth form college last week.

The Virtual Trinity Term is the first of its kind and hopefully the last because hey, we are a boarding school and our typical programmes are built around that

The pandemic and resulting circumstances (lockdown, close of establishments) have had an effect on the… however we are happy to report that in spite of the challenges we are off to a good start. On a good day, power interruptions (especially for learners), internet are minimal.

Turi Virtual Learning

The objective of our virtual learning programme can be summarized in three

  • Truly Turi

What is distinctive about their Turi experience: the Christian ethos, the personal relationships with their

teachers and tutors, the holistic educational provision and the high standards that are expected from us as a leading school. We continue to “Seek the highest”.

  • Pupil and Teacher Growth

Just like every other area of learning- we seek growth both on the side of the learners and their tutors. This applies to the use of technology to enhance the learning experience and to elevate the profiles of our learners.

  • Parent Engagement

Being a boarding school, parent-pupil engagement is obviously less than for those in day schools. It is a documented struggle for parents the world over at this time to keep their children engaged let alone be part of the engagement. We believe with efficient and sufficient strategies in place we can successfully engage parents by providing information, feedback and technical support


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