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Learning How to Lead

What’s your life’s purpose?

Ariana Manduku of the outgoing Year 13 class thinks that is a tough question for an 18 year old. She has not quite concretized her life plans and is currently combing through her university options.

As the adults in the room, we are confident that whatever path she takes she will do well and is likely to take on leadership roles both assigned and unassigned. That we believe is the case for many in her class and those who have gone before them.

A Turi education while quite academically focused, integrates a wealth of other important skills needed for life. Key among those is leadership, more so servant leadership . During these tough pandemic times, the importance of good and effective leadership becomes as very apparent as it can be the difference between life and death.

The Turi Leadership Award (TLA) is a compulsory two year university accredited diploma programme that students in the college (Year 12 and 13 )go through. In conjunction with Emerging Leaders Foundation, the school facilitates  seminars, lectures, community service programmes, essay writing etc, they hone their leadership skills both theoretically and practically. It is understood that official leadership positions are and will always be limited and being a leader goes beyond being assigned one e.g school prefect.

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Senior School students spend time with little ones from Green Park Nursery School

In the case of Ariana, she has been both a leader with a title (School Prefect) and a leader without a title (For two years has been running a book drive that benefits the children from the local village who do not have access to story books).

There are many Ariana’s in Turi and in life; people who identify problems and try to solve them using whatever resources they have, people who try and make life a little easier for others, people who serve as shining examples in their areas of expertise.

Learn more about our 6th Form college and Turi Leadership Award.

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