Leadership Principles

The implementation of the Leader in Me has been continuing and growing at the Prep School this term. We have been working on developing a range of displays around the school to promote leadership and the 7 Habits, and each class has developed a mission statement.  These mission statements have enabled each class to say how and why their class is special and unique, and how they intend to act as leaders, both as individuals and as leaders of our community. The mission statement for 8Kili is as follows:


“In 8Kili we will encourage everyone to live with faith and compassion. We will be good friends who put others first, who aim to be humble and always try our best. We will work hard in everything we do to achieve the results we deserve, always having an attitude of gratitude.​”


Next half term we will be forming a pupil ‘Lighthouse Team’. This will be a key team of pupils who will be involved in further developing the Leader in Me across the school. We really value are pupils’ insights, and recognise that they have a different and valuable perspective. More information about this will come out next term.


As you teach these principles to young students, you will be creating a generation of leaders, one child at a time.”

Stephen R Covey