Leadership at Prep School (Update)

As we enter the third term of the Leadership program which we began this year, it has been very pleasing to see the number of our pupils who are showing themselves to be leaders in many different ways. We were able to recognise these in Chapel at the start of term, when we celebrated several different milestones which pupils had accomplished.

Over 100 children were congratulated for achieving more than 10 points in one of our seven leadership pupils through the Easter term. Building on this, 93 certificates were presented to those who had achieved more than 20 points in a specific principle since the beginning of the year. What was most pleasing was the spread of these certificates, right the way from some of our youngest pupils in Years 1 and 2, to our Year 8 leaders.

Last but not least, we were delighted to award leadership badges to two pupils who had shown themselves to be leaders in the Taking Responsibility principle by gaining over 50 points since the start of the year.  Hera Olweny and Raina Muriithi are now official leaders within the school in this principle. We are very proud to see our pupils growing as leaders and look forward to handing our more certificates and badges before the end of the year.