Leadership at Prep School

Vision Statement
At the Prep School, children are encouraged to find areas in which they can lead others, based on a series of core principles which are reflective of the Christian ethos of the school. From the youngest of our children in Reception, all the way through to our leavers in Year 8, the children are encouraged and given guidance in developing their characters in ways which help them to become leaders. These areas are founded on Biblical principles and focus on every child discovering the gifts which God has given them and allowing them to shine as brightly as possible.

We believe that a focus on these core values gives our children the basis from which to leave our School as leaders in whatever walk of life they may then pursue; as individuals who will tackle both academic and co-curricular challenges with an attitude which can only lead to success.

Each week, there will be a focus, covered in one of the Chapels and in tutor time. Staff are particularly pro-active in recognising the weekly focus, with rewards over the week.

This week we are focusing on setting goals with pupils discussing how to make the most of their time and learning how to set and achieve their personal goals.

Weekly focuses for the Christmas Term

Week 1:
Introduction to the 7 Principles : Take Responsibility; Set Goals; Live with Integrity and Purpose; Care for Others; Respect Opinions; Recognise gifts in others; Take Care of yourself
Week 2:
Take Responsibility: Accepting responsibility rather than blaming others
Week 3:
Set Goals: Creating manageable and measureable goals for myself
Week 4:
Live with Integrity and Purpose: Be honest, with yourself and others
Week 5:
Care for others: Look to solve arguments leaving both sides happy
Week 6:
Respect Opinions: Understand the value of someone else’s opinion, even if it is different to yours
Week 7:
Recognise Gifts in others: Celebrate other people’s talents instead of getting jealous
Week 8:
Take care of yourself: Look after your body
Week 9:
Take Responsibility: Identify responsibilities
Week 10:
Set Goals: Make the most of your time
Week 11:
Live with Integrity and Purpose: Do the right thing
Week 12:
Care for others: Try to make others happy
Week 13:
Respect Opinions: Listen with interest to others