Kindness Day

On Thursday the 19th of January, the Prep School took part in Kindness Day. St Andrew’s is committed to its anti-bullying policies, and seeks to encourage all members of its community to act in a way that respects and honours everyone.

The purpose of ‘Kindness Day’ was to help both pupils and staff to focus on the action of being kind. This links in very smartly with one of our Leadership Principles – Taking Care of Others – as we encourage our pupils not simply to be reactive in the way they deal with others, but to be proactive in their attitudes.
Mr Llewellyn spoke in assembly on Monday. He highlighted that being kind to others is an intentional action and something we need to go out and do for others. During Kindness Day, pupils across the School, looked into and came up with their own ways in which they could be kind to everyone, across the School site.
Just some of the fantastic suggestions were:

  • Let someone go ahead of you in the Tuck line
  • Partner with someone who usually has trouble finding one
  • Tell other teachers how nice they look

Pupils were also encouraged to continue their ‘Random Acts of Kindness. These small and potentially unseen acts, aim to make someone else happy, or simply show kindness wherever possible.