Keeping up with the Joneses

We typically don’t think about the life of Mr or Mrs so-and-so outside the four walls of the classroom and our view of our teachers past and present can be quite one dimensional.

Unless there’s a personal connection outside of school, most people never get to know their teachers for their family life, talents, hobbies, social life, interests etc. We don’t know if they prefer to watch Maria the popular Kenyan soap or socialize with friends after long day of pushing, prodding, scolding, encouraging, cheering and sometimes even playing with an oblivious group of students.

This year’s total interruption of school and learning worldwide has brought to the forefront the challenges educators face on a personal, social, financial and institutional level. It may seem that the very people to whom we entrust the future of our children (and the earth) are somewhat neglected and their contribution is underrated by society.

Turi being home and work for most means that a lot of interesting things happen on-campus both in the classrooms and in the homes of the dedicated men and women that are shaping the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of our pupils.

How much do we know about teachers- as individuals with unique strengths and challenges? Do we know if they sing in the church choir, how many children do they have, do they spend their weekends farming or selling wares in the local market? Perhaps we don’t need to know too much, boundaries do exist but it would be nice to see them relax, have fun and create more than just lesson plans- at least for our very own at Turi.

This past week (half term break) the Joneses had lots of family fun ziplining, rock climbing and white water rafting at the Savage Wilderness campsite; putting their stamp of approval on the annual year 8 trip.


Would you like to keep up with Joneses (and other Turi staff members) during their after-hours?

Learn about what life is like in the village and what they get up to outside the village. Look out for staff stories here

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