Junior Boys Updates

Junior Boys underwent major renovations over the long holidays and the results have been fantastic. Mrs Scammells and Mrs Llewellyn worked tirelessly for months in advance to ensure that the dorms were not only practical to live in but also aesthetically pleasing. Holding to a theme that is loved by all young boys, they included pictures of cars, planes, trains and boats on the walls and along the edges of all the curtains. The boys love it, and one of the new little ones even praised the school for their efforts by exclaiming “I really like what you’ve done with the place!”


A little more prestige

The older Year 6 boys also appreciated having their own smaller dorms where only two or three of them are sharing as this gives them slightly more privacy and prestige. The fresh, new look in the dorms meant a new start for many of the boys who came into the boarding house excited about what lies ahead for Junior Boys.

Several new boys

We have welcomed several new boys this year. They have all settled in very well, with the help of their guardians and friends in the dorm. They are now actively involved in the boarding house life. Junior Boys offers an opportunity for all the boys to participate in activities that both enrich and challenge them, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The evening activities provide a variety of different options such as ball games (four-square, duster hockey, football), crafts (origami, colouring in and free draw), ICT, movie nights and evenings of team games or board games. They also enjoy library time and bible study.

Fun and adventure

The most enjoyed activity is always football, and we like to encourage outdoor play and positive competition. Many of the boys also loved learning origami and often chose to stay in and fold different characters for their pin boards.
Weekends and school days are also a busy time for the Junior Boys with the boys coming in and out to various activities such as cricket matches, horse riding, swim squad, choir, tennis lessons and music practice. The boys love the opportunity to be involved in an array of different activities and often come back overflowing with stories to share about their adventures. It is an absolute joy to be in dorms when they are sharing about their day and to be part of their happiness and excitement.

Christmas Dinner

As we approach Christmas we are all excited about next week’s Christmas Dinner. The boys are looking forward to making Christmas cards and tree decorations in the boarding house for evening activities. However, this will only be one aspect of the closing term as we also look to Jesus, the reason for the season, and begin to reflect on the successes of each boy and celebrate these together.
We feel so fortunate to be a part of these wonderful boys lives, to watch them grow and learn, and we look forward to many more happy adventures next term.
Mr and Mrs Morgan
Junior Boys Boarding Parents