Junior Boys and Girls Dance Show

This term, the Junior Boys and Girls, have been privileged to take part in Dance rehearsals for the upcoming Dance Show, scheduled to take place during second VISO. They have been strutting their stuff in the Dance Studio under the tutelage of Kenya’s Dance Champion, Miss Kabbia.

The theme for the Dance Show is ‘Disney Songs’ and the boys have thoroughly enjoyed interpreting their own version of ‘The Ice Workers’ Dance’ from the movie, ‘Frozen’. Practice has been taking place every Tuesday evening and has involved boys from both Cars and Trains Dormitories. It is wonderful to see the boys demonstrating their dance talents.
Our younger pupils in Junior Girls are also focusing on the Disney theme with the song called ‘Feel the light’ from the movie, ‘Home’. The older girls will be dancing to ‘Cheap Thrills’ from ‘Sia’ which symbolises being excited by simple things. We look forward the excitement of the forthcoming dance show.