Introducing the School’s Safeguarding Framework

One of the primary roles that any school has to play in a young person’s life is to not only keep them safe and secure, but to also help them understand how they can help themselves to stay safe and secure.

Here at St Andrew’s Turi, we take both parts of these responsibilities very seriously, recognising that in today’s world, it is not just the physical environment that we need to worry about, but also the virtual, online world as well. Parents, quite rightly, often want to know what the School does in these regards, and the truth is that our approach is multi-faceted, and yet with one driving philosophy, summed up by the statement:
‘We endeavour to provide a safe, supportive and positive environment in which students can discover their God-given identity and flourish.’
The School’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is the central part of our wider Safeguarding Framework.  In it, you can see how the School aims to deal with a wide variety of issues, from social media and e-safety, to staff recruitment and support structures. It can be found on our website at
I do hope that you find it a helpful and reassuring document, and as always, should parents have any comments or concerns in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.