Inaugural SAT and ACT Preparation Camp

Last month, St Andrew’s Senior School hosted their inaugural SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing) Preparation Camp for students interested in applying to universities in the USA. They partnered with Brainstorm, a  highly-skilled network of young professionals, who use motivation and mentorship to inspire personal and academic excellence in students of all ages.

BrainStorm who are based in New Jersey sent Mr Jack Grimes, one of their SAT expert tutors to mentor the St Andrew’s students. Mr Grimes who has been tutoring at Brainstorm for four years was very impressed with the learning environment at St Andrew’s, Turi. He started off by testing the students on critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as on their grammatical and mathematical knowledge. He then focused on their weaker areas, helping them to develop their skills through constructive group work and games. He also spent time with each individual student, helping them make the most of his knowledge and experience.

During his week at St Andrew’s Senior School, Mr Grimes was made an honorary student by receiving a Turi fleece. “I feel that my time here has been a great success. Turi and Brainstorm have similar views on learning, character formation and education and we would love to come back again next summer,” remarked Mr Grimes.