Hog Charge

On Saturday 21st January, 16 pupils from Year 5 to Year 8 travelled to Nairobi to compete in the 19th Annual Hog Charge. This is a race on mountain bikes, for teams of four bike riders. Each team had to ride between seven checkpoints on Sukari Ranch, next-door to Peponi School, Nairobi.

The aim of the Hog Charge is to raise money for Rhino Charge. This is a fund-raising event for the conservation of the Water Towers of Kenya. The conservation activities are implemented by Rhino Ark, a charitable trust that develops sustainable solutions to the challenges facing mountain forest ecosystems and threatened biodiversity areas.
Preparations began early for the trip, with each team having to organise their bikes, ensuring they were in good enough condition to withstand the tough course and arranging camping equipment. Each team had to raise 24,000ksh to allow them to participate so they had to be proactive long before the event. After a few training rides around school the pupils were prepared and ready for the challenge of the charge!
After a good night’s sleep, the teams reported to the start where they were given their instructions and maps. A quick strategic planning meeting was held before the teams set off to get round the check points in as quick a time as possible. Punctures, bumpy terrain, deep holes and dusty tracks were just some of the challenges the teams faced. But luckily each check point provided refreshments, shade and sometimes entertainment.
With the finishing line in sight the teams prepared themselves to enter ‘The Gauntlet!’: an obstacle course of logs, ditches, hills and hay bales which the teams had to cycle around. The ultimate test of teamwork was the water obstacle. The teams had to cycle waist deep in water, climb over a mud bank and drop back into the water before scrambling to the finish line.
This was an amazing experience for our pupils at St Andrew’s, not only did they have a lot of fun but they raised 150,000 KSh for the Rhino Ark Charity