Healthy Eating Week

This week saw the Prep School launch its first ever ‘Healthy Eating Week’, a whole school approach to what we feel is a very important matter for our young people.

The week was launched during Monday morning’s chapel with Mrs Llewellyn laying down the new Tuck Shop rules. There were gasps of horror as she shared that crisps, sweets and chocolates would only be available for sale on Wednesday and Saturday. Every other day, the children could enjoy popcorn, dried fruit or a healthy homemade treat from Mrs Morgan, our nutritional specialist. The plans for Healthy Eating menus were also shared, and on Wednesday, the Reverend Shikwati explored the biblical responses to food and portions.
The pupils have, on the whole, been adventurous and have tried out things like crudités and humus; zucchini and carrot muffins; brown rice; honey on their cereal and granola instead of sugar. A lot of what we do is already healthy, so many of the main meals have remained similar; we have just made small changes, such as no deep frying, reduced salt and sugar and less oil. The pupils have also learnt a healthy eating fact and tip every lunch time and these are on display in the corridor for their perusal. The week will culminate in a survey to ascertain how the pupils felt about the changes which will in turn help inform our catering staff for future menus, hopefully resulting in healthier children.
As always, your support and encouragement is always appreciated.