Hands off our Elephants

Miss Claire Hirons, the Prep School Head of Art, has engaged pupils in an exciting art project based on the popular ‘Hands off our Elephants’ campaign. The children have been following the campaign and have learnt about elephants and wildlife conservation. They were so inspired by the work, they made their own 3ft. baby elephant, called Rebecca. Students from Year 1 all the way to Year 8 had great fun building the beautiful masterpiece, which involved painting, sticking papier mache and hand printing.

Rebecca Sennett, the Donor Relationship Manager at the Whitley Fund for Nature was impressed by the children’s dedication and passion. She was also touched that the elephant, was also named Rebecca!

“How wonderful that you have inspired the children to learn about conservation and the work that our Whitley Award winners are doing around the world to protect endangered species and their habitats”, she said. The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) supports nature conservationists around the developing world.

Paula Kahumbu, the 2014 Whitley Award winner runs the ‘Hands Off Our Elephants’ campaign in Kenya.