Geography Trip to Rumuruti

24-26th June, 2016
Year 12 Geography excursion
Location: Ol Maisor Ranch, Rumuruti, Laikipia County

After a long and bumpy journey, we arrived safely at Ol Maisor Ranch and given a warm welcome by our hosts, John and Amanda Perrett. Once we had set up camp and eaten lunch, we observed many skulls and skins of predators and prey from the local area. We learnt that poisonous snakes, scorpions, leopard and elephants all survive on the ranch and are regularly seen. The students discussed food chains, eco systems, habitats and the challenges facing each species.

We awoke early on Saturday morning to milk the camels in the dairy and to learn about the goat, sheep and cattle also living on the ranch. After breakfast we left the camp and drove across the plains to meet our guides and their camels.  The group took it in turns to ride the camels and walk during the safari across the ranch to the river.

On route we tasted wild berries, smelt wild leaves and learnt about local medicinal remedies and food sources. We measured and identified many animal tracks and droppings including Hyena, Aardvark and Giraffe. After a long walk in the sunshine and visit to murrum quarries,  we arrived at the river for a late lunch. We ate dinner around the camp fire and listened to a talk about invertebrates, predators and adaptations for survival in the semi-arid and savannah plains of Rumuruti.

On Sunday morning we enjoyed a later start and a final discussion with our guides, John and Amanda, about the future of the 20,000 acre ranch. The trip was a valuable experience for all and will be extremely beneficial for their forthcoming study.