GEMS Cambridge Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Conference 2017

On 3rd March, a group of business students travelled to GEMS School in Nairobi for the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Conference.

Despite the four hour journey, students were able to interact with various people within the business sector and feed their minds with what entrepreneurship entails. From a student’s point of view, the conference was very eye opening, with students being particularly inspired by the point Mr Tonee Ndungu put across. He said that “if I fail more than you, I will win”,  which basically means that those who work tirelessly to achieve their goals and are exposed to failure are guaranteed to be more successful than those who don’t put in any effort in or earn what they have.
Moreover, all entrepreneurs on the panel emphasised the fact that entrepreneurship isn’t about the financial rewards. They stressed that it should be based on what you love to do and how it’s going to make the world a better place in the long run. They motivated us as potential young leaders to start now, because we are the future. All in all, the conference was very captivating as it encouraged students to take initiative and make the world a better place.
By Kigen Koitaba – Year 12